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About Purchasing

All Software-deals orders are processed by Avangate, our e-commerce partner and global reseller. Working with a well-known payment processor which handes sales for thousands of software companies from the whole world. It has many benefits for you:

  • Secure SSL connection, safe online shopping experience through truly reputable processors
  • Global, multilingual sales assistance


Who Is Avangate?

Avangate Manages the eStores of 3,000+ Software & SaaS Companies.

Avangate is an eCommerce provider trusted by thousands of software and SaaS companies worldwide, offering secure online payments.

Alternative Credit Card Processing

If you encounter any kind of trouble trying to pay with a Credit Card through Avangate, you can try paying through PayPal. Simply select PayPal in the Payment Options field during the checkout step of the purchase. The PayPal Credit Card processing is completely separate from Avangate’s and can be used without necessarily requiring a registered account.

Contact Avangate


For any payment related issue or help with the order please contact Avangate by email or phone (24 hour support).

Phone:  (650) 963 – 5701
USA and Canada
Phone:  +31 88 000 0008


How does the registration process work?

  • Go to the order form from our sales processor Avangate.
  • Fill in the billing information.
  • Choose a payment option. Many payment options are immediately validated and processed. A bank/wire transfer on the other hand can add a delay from hours up to several days.
  • Continue and confirm the order. Some payment options prompt you for a follow-up action, such as logging in and confirming the transaction. A bank/wire transfer requires that you manually send the money from your bank account to Avangate’s account. The details are sent in an e-mail.
  • Check your e-mail. You should have received an order confirmation from Avangate Customer Service
  • You will get a Payment Receipt e-mail from Avangate once the money has been received. In most cases it happens shortly after the previous e-mail.







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